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We have teamed up with the top manufacturers in the sport today to bring you a single location where you can purchase all your barefoot waterskiing and general ski gear.  We don't offer knock-off brands like the other guys do.  This is the equipment the pros and top skiers in the world train with.

Why are we doing this? Several reasons:

  • To support the men & women who have chosen or aspire to choose barefoot waterskiing as a full-time career.
  • To give barefooters around the world a single place to get all of their barefoot and waterski equipment.
  • To set up a program that will allow every barefooter to buy equipment at discounted prices.
  • To establish a process where we as footers can funnel the money we all spend on equipment back into the sport.
  • Profits from sales made on are being put back into the sport in the form of major event sponsorships such as the US Barefoot Nationals, barefoot related charities such as Jan's Fans fight against MS, Barefoot Jr/Sr Worlds Competition, cash prizes, free give-aways, and sponsorships for young footers (both male and female).  More members equals more money for the sport. To date, has put over $75,000 in cash money back into the sport.  No other company can stand behind such a claim.

Won't this compete with local Barefoot Clubs?

This program is not being set up to compete with local barefoot clubs. Your local clubs need your support more than ever to help put on tournaments, run training clinics, and meet other footers in your area.  But not everyskier lives in an area that has a club.   We are setting Team up to attract new people to the sport by giving them one place that they can go to find out what footers are like, and give them a way to reduce the costs associated with getting into the sport.  We hope to support the local clubs in the same way by providing them with the same buying power we offer our members.  We are hoping that all footers see the potential for supporting the companies in this program.

What will be my responsibilities as a member?

Barefoot Central will never ask you to do anything other than be a clubmember and buy equipment from  Why should a barefooter have to buy equipment from a dealer or cataloger that uses its profits to sponsor events not even associated with barefoot waterskiing?  As small as the sport of barefooting waterskiing is compared to the other events, we need to support it as much as possible.

So how do I join?

It's simple, just choose how long you want your membership to last.  One, two, or three years.  The longer the membership, the less per year it will cost you. Once you're set up, you will be able to browse through all the cool gear on-line and see your discounted pricing compared to retail pricing.  You will be able to place all your orders on-line or call us at 281-782-1903, and we'll do the work for you.

As an added bonus for joining, each new team member will get a barefoot necklace. 


Below, you will find the membership fee schedule. To join, simply point and click.  The transaction will be conducted on a 100% a secure sockets layer, and your credit card information will not be saved after the transaction is complete.

Type of Membership Fee to Join Base Discount Join Now
One-year Full Membership $50.00 15% Click Here
2-Year Full Single Membership
($15 savings)
$85.00 15%
3-Year Full Single Membership
($25 savings)
$125.00 15%

If you do not wish to join on-line, you can send a check or money order to:

Barefoot Central
5670 Guhn Rd, Ste 200
Houston, TX  77040