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Eagle Sports 4433
Eagle Ascent Surf Vest
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Detailed Description

Eagle Ascent Surf Vest is constructed out of the same high quality neoprene as our slalom and wake vests.

This vest will be a keeper, a vital part of you're quiver.

Benefits include:

  • Added buoyancy (not a life vest)
  • Added paddle power (elevates torso slightly aiding in stroke power)
  • No stomach or chest rash
  • No rib ding (Haven't been surfing much or go on a surf trip- rib bruising can put a serious damper on a trip. The best rib protection in the business)
  • Added ascent power ( This vest does not hinder a duck dive but greatly assists in the ascent up the back side of the wave thus enhancing your ability to clear the next wave or get out faster.)
  • Added impact protection (as is true with any padded vest )
  • Ttapered torso (feels tight when first put on - but the tapered effect lessens the ability of the vest to ride up on a big tumble)
  • Easy to get off -unzip- place one arm through arm hole on same side of body- pry up and over your head and your out.

Please note: This vest is not Cost Guard Approved.


Additional Information

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