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Extreme Footer Neckbrace
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Extreme Footer Neckbrace

Barefooting with the Best is the on-line magazine and pro-shop for the sport of barefoot waterskiing. Articles, product reviews, coaching tips, contests, and more.  Barefoot waterskiing is the most extreme version of watersports. It is truly seizing the moment and getting a thrill like you have never known before. Skiers from around the world come here to share ideas, and watch amazing videos produced by the best athletes in the sport.  This is where the Freestyle Barefooting movement began.  If a new move is invented, you'll find a video of it here first.

Our website also offers people one place where they can go to get all of their barefooting & traditional waterskiing supplies including training aids for beginners, shoe skis, barefoot booms, towers, wetsuits, life vests, heater shirts, board shorts, ropes, handles, and gloves.  If you are new to the sport, these items will make it possible for you to start learning the art of waterskiing without skis! We offer a full line of products by Eagle Sports, Barefoot International, Masterline, Barefoot Company, Acme Propellers, Skylon, and more.  Become a member of  As a member, you'll receive a free hat and sticker plus a 15% discount on all purchases for the next year. Join today and start saving.